Fibre glass roofing

Below is a before picture of a worn hot bitumin roof cover in Sheldon, I’m unsure of the age of the roof but it looks pretty worn out imageimage The first job was to strip off the old felt then lay new 18mm ply wood over existing roof timbers ready for new GRP roofing system, once the roof trims have been fixed on i put a layer of resin onto the ply then roll a layer of fibre strand over with another layer of resin until transparent, once the air has been rolled out flat we leave to dry.
On the same day when dry we sand of any loose strands and clean off ready for the top coat, the top coat can be of many colours but the most popular are dark and light grey as shown on these pics, if done right you will be unfortunate to have to recover your flat roof again with this system and although it is more expensive that mineral & bitumin in the long term you will benefit highly. With the grey colours in stock the GRP system is also a perfect look a like to lead work and with a high theft rate of lead this is the perfect replica or replacement and will last just as long if not longer ….. Boat builders have been using this system to build boats for a 100 years so if you feel uneasy on using new weather proof products around your home this really is not that new yet a fantastic replacement for the traditional flat roof covers!!!!

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