The importance of brick matching if you want the best from your home extension

imageimage9Here is an example of the importance of brick matching on a beautiful old cottage in Yardley, having tried to get a brick match to no success from many local builders merchants we knew what was needed to do to keep up the appearance of this lovely home, we carefully removed out the outer skin of brickwork from the side of the property and dressed the 100 year old bricks from old mortar, we then used these bricks for the front face of home extension. Along with a near perfect colour match with the mortar and then cleaning down the brickwork we achieved the build of a home extension that looks like it has always been there, I believe all home extensions and brickwork should match to perfection or at least close to colour and texture possible , there is no excuse for using a cheap brick that looks nothing like the original brickwork even when knowing the brick makers do not make as many of the bricks today found on some of our homes , as i have said many times before the quality of facing brickwork is vital if you want to get the best look from your home extension as these pictures show. Noel N D B Qualitybrickwork

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